Jott goes pay for use

Jott, an awesome transcription service has moved to a 100% pay model (beginning Feb 2009) – [jott’s blog]. Previously I used the free version – you would call a toll-free number and a system would listen to the info and send an email with the content transcribed.

A bit ago, jott changed the model to one where only a small percentage of the email was transcribed but you could review the note online as an audio file (still free).

Today they announced that come February all services will be a pay service. That includes the jott iphone app (which disappeared from the iTunes store a few months ago).

Jott is a GREAT service, though i am not prepared to spend $5-10/month for it… If you are someone on the go and wants to review info (grocery list, business plan ideas, to dos or tasks) when home via email – take a serious look at Jott!


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