I came across this tonight. Blankspaces. This is a community scheduled workspace for those who do not need a full-time work space and maybe want to have some community of a shared workspace (this could also provide some nice networking opportunities).

Tonight, as I sit on a dining room chair and a wobbly “desk” the thought really appeals to me. Right now they only seem to be in CA, but I’m hoping with the market and the cost of “open space” in NYC coming down to a “reasonable” amount, maybe blankspace will create a workspace in the city.

They have plans for the full-time (20-40hrs/week) to the moonlighter or nomad (me at 15-20 hrs/week). I could schedule some time every week to just go there in the evening (or early in the morning) and get some consulting work done in an environment away from the day job and the distractions of home.

Also, being in the city I could be able to be more flexible to meet with clients or getting those later in the day calls. It is a space that you would know would be available and know it would be less distracting than attempting to work in Starbucks…

Anyone know of Blankspaces coming to NYC – let us know. I’d be interested in finding out more!


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