Macworld 2009

Apple had a “quiet” keynote yesterday with Phil Schiller on the stage, there was a large focus on the new versions of iLife ’09 (coming end of January) and iWork ’09 (released yesterday) for $79 single user and $99 “family pack”.

I have downloaded the trial of iWork ’09 and seen some improvements, additions to the system and changes – but nothing earth-shaking yet. It is a bit slow to boot up, but that being said a VERY reasonable alternative to Office for the Mac with even with a home/student version costing about 2x what iWork does (about $150).

The new version of iLife looks very nice with some improvements in iPhoto and iMovie being the “exciting” topics. A re-work of iMovie looks very nice and iPhoto is incorporating geotagging and facial recognition. I’m very excited about this upgrade (again $79 when released in the end of January).

A new MacBook Pro 17″ has been released as well. A built in battery with some new rechargeable technology provides about 8 hours use/charge and 1000 recharges. This provides a “greener” laptop and a 6lbs machine! Though as with all the 17″ MacBook Pro’s it is EXPENSIVE ($2800).

Lastly, Apple has worked with the recording industry (regarding iTunes) to provide DRM Free songs (all songs by Spring 2009) and costs running from $0.69/$0.99 and $1.29. Again, this should all start showing up around spring 2009.

No info about Snow Leopard (10.6) and nothing about an iPhone update. Will this be a winter where every Tuesday for the next month, there is something new??? Let’s see!

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