Another case for backup (

This morning I read an article on lifehacker about journalspace and a “oops” with their database…

There are some great things technology provides these days. Cheap and big disk (1TB disk costs about $150). Many people take a number of drives and create a RAID. Many times it is just a mirrored drive (two drives with the exact info on both of the drives aka: RAID 1). The issue that can happen with RAID 1 is exactly what happened with journalspace (a blogging service) – a change is made to drive one and drive two does it’s job and mirrors the info to the other drive. Delete a file and it is deleted on both drives…

There is some thought this could have been a disgruntled former employee – ouch!

The database was deleted and the RAID did it’s job and made sure the exact data was on both drives…
If drive one had a hardware failure, that would have been fine. Drive two would take over and the admin can replace drive one. The system re-syncs and all data is “protected” again.

If there is no dated backups using something like backup exec or retrospect on a regular basis (or even a timed copy of the database to another location) there is no way to recover. If this had been done once a week, journalspace would exist (maybe with a maximum 1-week hole in the data). As it is, there was no data anywhere else and no way to recover and journalspace is GONE!

Protecting hardware (hard drives and the server) is good and important and making sure there is a way to revert to another system or backup is imperative!

On a side note: i looked at journalspace a while back and started using wordpress. On my own wordpress site (here) I have the system set to send an email with my database to me weekly so again, the most I would loose is one week of data…

Have any important data (music, pictures or databases)? Back it up using a couple of tools and some serious thought (or talk to someone like me) to protect your time and business…

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