Business continuity for the small business

Here is a great little article from about how to protect a small business from the issues that may befall someone who works out of their home or office ranging from power outage to earthquakes to health/life insurance.

As someone who has provided disaster recovery for larger offices and businesses, my recommendation to the individual is treat your self-run business or small business as a big business. Invest in a backup tool/tape/drives. Move data off-site every week or so and have something to allow you to get up and running as quickly as possible.

I have forgotten (until painfully obvious) that a laptop is a great solution during a time of power issues (especially if you have a broadband card). Power even blinks in the house and I do not notice since I’m still working with a fully-charged battery.

More thoughts or concerns about protecting your home or small business from the “disasters” that may come upon your profession, read further…


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