twitter as a tool?!

I have been using twitter for a while now and really like it… Twitter is simple and a great way to update people on what is going on (140 character “what i’m doing” updates). What I have found is that organizations are looking for keywords (company names, personal names) they can respond to quickly and directly.

For example I really like Freshbooks but was struggling with it since I was torn between the online/offline world for this kind of info. I tweeted about it and within minutes got a tweet from the CEO about why I was torn – we passed messages back and forth a few times and he agreed it may not be the solution for me – but he “heard” me and opened a dialog! AWESOME!

Guy Kawasaki has a great blog post about twitter and using it as a “twool” for business.

There are now more tools or apps to work with this – summarize allows you to do a search of all tweets and then respond or communicate quickly and easily with someone who may be commenting on you to the big ‘ole internet…

Check out twitter. Even if you use it for dropping little daily updates, it is fun and easy…



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