New Macs for 2009?!

With about a week before Macworld SF (January 5-9, 2009), the rumors are swirling about new Macs (specifically iMacs, Minis, and iPhone “nanos”).

What every you are doing or thinking about a new Mac in the new year – WAIT until the 2nd week of January! There may be no changes in the line you are looking at, but better to be safe or save yourself some money.

There will be some interesting changes with Steve Jobs not presenting the keynote (Phil Schiller will be doing it this last go round) and Apple announcing this will be their last Macworld)

Personally I am hoping for the release of 10.6 (I know it won’t look or act that differently), BUT would love to see how the Active Directory changes and if there are speed changes in the way the system works and operates in every-day situations.

I would love to see the release of a new iMac and iPhone “nano” especially if it has 90% of the features of the iPhone 3G but is smaller (and reasonable cost). I still am thinking about the Apple TV, but believe that is something I will look at in 2009 (maybe in conjunction with a flat panel HDTV)…

Know anything or “thinking” of anything for Jan 5, 2009 – share!


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