Santa was good to me!


This Christmas (as with many in the last years – since kids) have been small-scale operations for my wife and I. This year – with the recent purchase of the MacBook, I asked for a case and a few things for the iPhone.

We found a nice – well reviewed sleeve on Amazon from BE.EZ. $28, very well padded and perfect for the MacBook – highly recommended…

I also have the 1st Gen iPhone (with the recessed headphone jack) so I requested the Belkin Headphone adapter ($5 again from Amazon). Works fine and allows me to connect ANY headphones to the iPhone…

Lastly, the Apple Headphones that come with the iPhone NEVER stay in my ears and the ones that I was nicely given by a co-worker lost the rubber cover did sound VERY tinny and actually became painful if i used them for more than 30 minutes.

My wife found these from Sound-Squared, again well reviewed – not for the audiophile, but very good sounding and comfortable headphones for my big ‘ole ears and 25% of the cost of some other higher-end headphones, a good option for someone who uses the iPhone regularly.


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