facebook's malware

over the last week i have received two wall-to-wall notes from people i know or work with to “see me on X site”. the site facebook takes you to tells you that your system is out of date in some way (flash is out of date) and you need to update and with the “update” downloaded and installed – the system becomes a zombie.

a co-worker clicked on one earlier this week. the malware (the most recent is called koobface). the tricky part with all this resonates with the early virus’ on email. you get an email from someone you know – even if the subject is questionable – the curiosity gets the better of us…

the social networks are becoming the same as with emails. if something appears and seems a bit out of place (dating site for someone that you know is married), do not click on it… if you happen to click on something and it suggests a download to update something – DO NOT DO IT!

if you happen to make it through all those steps and you now have installed some malware on your PC (macs still are LESS susceptible to this type of attack) – check out malwarebytes.org for one of the best malware scanners and removers around (again windows-based).

questions or comments – let us know…

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