1Password sync with SugarSync

Last night I moved and installed the latest 1Password on the desktop with the help of SugarSync and it worked great!

I was able to access my identity, logins, credit card and serial number info all saved within 1Password but this morning when I returned to my laptop and looked for some data I updated last night on the desktop – it was (and still is no where to be found – though I have not checked on the desktop yet, but I’m guessing it has something to do with SugarSync not updating before I logged out). I’ll check and get back.

Something to keep in mind though if working on multiple computers and expecting them to be 100% in sync at all times. Great option, I believe I need to work out some of the kinks. Other opinions or experiences?


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2 responses to “1Password sync with SugarSync”

  1. Jean-Gabriel Morard says :


    I am an engineer at SugarSync, just wondering if you’d been able to fix this problem? I know that 1Password users have been using SugarSync successfully.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Jean-Gabriel Morard
    Software Engineer, SugarSync

  2. sadamson says :

    Two things I love…

    First, twitter (since “sugarsync” is following me and commented on my 1password post – see above) and blogs since I have a resource to reach people that I would not normally communicate with.

    I have to go home this evening and login to the iMac and confirm that the Magic Briefcase in SugarSync has updated and then confirm on the MacBook. Update to come but thanks to Jean-Gabriel for the followup.

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