Remember the Milk – has your time come?

After using Remember the Milk for the better part of a year (really on and off) it is a great tool. The recent release of the iPhone client made it a lot more effective for me (e.g. commuting) – but I just got a note that the 1 year is coming to a close.

For $25 annually I’m not upset. It was good to work with, had it’s moments and has been a good tool – but as Google does, they release a tool that can do a lot of the same things just as I get a “renew?” email…

Google labs now has “tasks” right in GMail. It is simple (but I imagine google will only add to this tool over the coming months) and right now it does a lot of what I was using RTM for and since it slides right to the side of gmail, nothing else to open, work with or refer to.

I’m giving it a go. Thoughts, let us know.

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