Netflix comes to my Tivo

In the last few days, my Tivo (HD) reported that it received the “Fall Update”. Did I notice anything? not really… I had to read the message 2x, but then a new item in the main menu…

I begin digging around for Netflix (it was coming in December, right?) Nothing! Disappointment abounds. UNTIL Monday Morning. A notice on another site (even though I signed up 2 or three times to be “first to know”) that it was online…

Tivo and Netflix have joined forces (which I LOVE!).

With a Tivo and Netflix account (and a few Items in the Instant Queue) a quick press of the Tivo remote drops you into your queue (following activation of about 1 minute) and there you go.

To test I had added Enchanted and with Ben at the ready we clicked, the system checked and streamed a bit of data (showed I was getting almost “the highest quality” and started playing… After about 5 minutes I backed out to the menu (with the usual Tivo controls – and the option to resume the movie).

The latest video releases are NOT there, but some real good ones are (and I’m guessing the window will continue to get smaller). For kids movies – this seems like a great option. No running to Blockbuster or forgetting to return something.

Have a Tivo and Netflix subscription – give it a shot!

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