Upgrade to WP2.7RC1

WordPress has been working on updating their code to version 2.7 (2.6.5 is the latest general release), but 2.7 final should be appearing on or around December 10th.

I have really LOVED WordPress, the design and system is so smooth, upgrade process has been easier and easier with each release (maintenance releases are done via a button click).

I did a backup this morning of the system and then followed the 3-step upgrade process. 1) backup 2) delete specific files and copy the latest 2.7RC1 to up to the server 3) login and let the system update the database.

The longest period of waiting was uploading the files to the server (about 5mb). I was prepared to check and manually change a few setting on the configuration file, but the system auto-prompted for the DB Update and was all set.

Within about 10 minutes of the thought to upgrade I am logged in, posting to the new database and viewing the site in 2.7RC1. WordPress ROCKS!


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