Netflix Streaming to XBox 360

I signed up for the Netflix account and have tried the watch instantly feature to the Xbox 360 and the latest update.

After activating the netflix/xbox connection and setting a few movies in the “instant queue” on netflix, the xbox 360 pops up and then provides the videos for streaming.

After about 1 minute of testing and buffering, the movie starts playing. So far the quality is EXCELLENT (and I’m online with the laptop and working smoothly too).

A few issues-you need to have xbox live gold. You need to have the xbox up and running (and a review recently, it was pointed out that the consoles use a lot of electricity since they are PCs).

Coming in December is Netflix for Tivo – Now, that I’m REALLY interested in… If the quality is the same, the system works the same I’m onboard.

Watch Tivo, watch TV, watch netflix on DVD or streaming…
Other information or interest, let us know.

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