Flip Mino – Cheap HD Camcorder

Over the years (and children) we have gone through the image capture gamut.  When our first was born we got a MiniDV Sony Camcorder.  We took video of the birth and some for the next few months.  Then the still camera we had (I believe it was a Canon at the time) had video features so we would snap quick moments of video on that.

Now with the current iterations of point-and-shoot cameras, video quality is excellent, length is almost limitless for the usual shots (singing happy birthday) and we rarely shoot video of either of the kids…  The younger got the shaft 🙂

Now Flip Mino has released a small (credit card-sized 3.30z HD camcorder that records up to 60 minutes of video) and cheap HD video recorder ($230).  2 hours of use/charge (via a USB port/arm) and an amazing product.  The standard flip mino was a hit among the college-aged crowd since they could capture their adventures day in and day out, post on youtube.com

Over the last few months my wife has started a new venture – professional photography using an AMAZING Canon DSLR but with the size and use that camera is a process.  I’m really tempted…  For the cost and convenience you could carry around 2 small devices (until canon or someone comes up with a point-and-shoot that will provide a similar solution).

For the time being, looking for a simple, inexpensive camcorder, check out the Flip.


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