Parallels 4.0

I have been using Parallels for about 2 years now.  I do not use it a lot, but when I do use it – it is easy to work with, quick and powerful.  Today (Tuesday), Parallels announced an upgrade from version 3 to version 4.  The new version is cleaner, more feature rich and for $40 (the upgrade price) you can download and activate the new version.

Following the upgrade, the system will look for version 3, update the system and convert any existing parallels install to version 4 files.  Parallels claims a 50% speed increase (I noticed Ubuntu 8.10 loaded and ran a lot faster and smoother) and I really like the ability to pop into an OS, work and then suspend or even shut down quickly.

If you require the need to run something other than the Mac OS from time to time, Parallels is a great solution.  VMWare also has a solution (Fusion) that does all of the same things (with some additional strengths/weaknesses) but personally come back to Parallels as my option.  Thoughts – let us know…


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