skype for business?

i have been thinking of ways to deepen my connection with my clients and make the “business” seem more available. I considered blackberry and another phone number but the costs (even the verizon family plan) runs about $40-50/month.

i stared looking for other options and came across skype (again). for $8 (3 month) you get unlimited outbound nationwide calling. for another $12 (3 months) you get an inbound number (so people can call me). all for about $7/month.

this can be made a little cheaper by doing a year agreement. i’m giving it a go for 3 months and see if i use it and if it works well.

one other area i’m a bit worried about is having the tie in to the computer. i’m looking for a headphone/mic combo for a reasonable price. it seems like logitech has some solutions. if i continue the contract through the year i may consider a skype wifi phone, but not quite yet…

experiences, thoughts, let us know…


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