Apple App Store squishing competition?

Apple has put together a great app store for the iPhone and iTouch. Many free or low-cost tools, games and random items (e.g. lighters) that have deepened the iPhone and iTouch solution.

Recently, there was some talk of Apple using the app store as a method of limiting items that may compete with the systems they have in place. The most recent example is Opera mini for the iPhone. Opera make a really nice browser – personally I have never gotten too into it, but it is an option to Safari. If mozilla were to release something for the iPhone I think I would download it in a heartbeat.

This is where it gets interesting. It seems like Opera is an option to Safari and Apple is not “encouraging” the competition – but limiting it. Hopefully Apple begins to see that not only would some of these Apps expand the user base, they could encourage their own applications to excel.

Thoughts, let us know.


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