MacBook 2.4 (mine, all mine!)

Apple’s newest MacBook is a fine piece of work. I bit the bullet and bought one of my own. It has been something I have been waiting for since the summer.

I started with the 2.0ghz version but thought more about it, wanted the extra boost with the 2.4ghz, the backlit keyboard and the larger drive.

I ordered 4gb of RAM (should be in my hands in the coming day or two) and I’m typing on it right now! The backlit keyboard is very nice. The keyboard in general is a real nice feel. I keep thinking about putting in a larger drive (320gb-500gb), but I’m going to hold on that, the 250gb should be just fine for a while.

I’m interested to see how the extra memory effects the system and I’m downloading something from TiVo (will see if the conversion to the iPhone is a bit quicker too).

More to come as I work with this for a while. Questions, let me know.


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