Snow Leopard (10.6) moving forward for 2009

Apple stated months ago that it would again release an 10.x update in the coming months (early 2009). They appear to be on track with an early 2009 release of Snow Leopard (10.6) for 1Q09.

The release is available to developers and the focus of the update will be more of the foundation of the Mac (finder/OS) than features and bells/whistles.

For many users that have intel machine (anything bought in the last couple of years) will see some serious improvements in the day-to-day operation of the machine. The use of new graphic cards (like the new macbooks and macbook pros have) will be able to utilize the speed of the machine AND the power of the graphic processor to improve many “basic” operations.

I’m looking forward to 10.6 for a number of reasons. The later versions of the systems (10.5) have some things I use a lot (time machine for one) and very excited for the next steps of the system that will provide better performance, network and windows integration and hopefully address a few “issues” that arise from time to time…

More to come…

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