MacBook coming to my desk

I have been itching for the new MacBook. It is something I slated for an expense in 2008 and planned on doing it this summer – no new MacBooks… FINALLY the update comes (Late 2008) and I need to wait to have an appropriate time and income to allow for this expense (I’ve waited this long, right?).

A co-worker purchased one of the 2.0ghz from the 5th Ave Apple Store last night and is going to bring it to me for setup today! I get to see/touch and feel one! That will either quench my thirst or make it stronger…

In looking at the MacBooks the 2.4 has backlit keyboard, the faster processor (which is the speed of the iMac we bought this summer) and 250gb drive. That being said a $300 premium for the keyboard, processor and drive is a bit much… In looking at the MacBook too – the drive is actually easier to upgrade than the previous model (which still only took 2 minutes).

OWC announced 4GB memory kit for the new MacBooks too ($140 for the kit and they will take the “old” 2GB back and knock off $15 bringing the total to $125). 320GB-500GB laptop hard drives are dropping to the $150 or less level – bring it on!

Look into the new MacBook all you in the market for a laptop – I do not think you will be disappointed!


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