mozy is on the right track

mozy has been something i have been using and working with for the last year. they have improved the system, backups have been more reliable and most of all – recovery seems to be in place as expected.

i say again – if you are looking for a solution to back up 2gb or less of data, mozy is a great solution (free) and can be used for more online storage, just keep in mind how long backup and recovery could take for 10’s of GB online…

mozy has also been integrated with retrospect to allow for online backup in conjunction with disk or tape solutions. A great small option.

check it out – i encourage you…


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One response to “mozy is on the right track”

  1. Mozy Review says :

    Mozy is a great service – the only problems I’ve heard is from the technical support team.

    If you need more than 2GB and upgrade to Mozy’s unlimited service, you can save 10% here.

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