apple's "brick"

After months, the rumors of an October 14th date of a new macbook/macbook pro are starting to show some teeth…

a number of sites (electronista link following) have started circulating a new image of the possible case of the new macbook. the brick name is said to come from the process to create the case – the unit starts as a solid brick of aluminum.

this would produce a light and SOLID case. many believe this will be a costly process initially for apple, but return many benefits in the coming years with this process.

again, i’m waiting for the new macbook and hope that this is it! will it appear on the 14, will apple announce it on the 14th with the product available in time for the holidays? my personal hope is a machine will be introduced next week and be available immediately but time will tell.

Apple has announced an event on the 14th 10am PT! “The spotlight turns to notebooks.”


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