macbooks 10-14-08?

could this be it? the latest rumors meet in the middle with a number of discussions that have been floating around that Oct 14 (tuesday of course) would be the release of the next macbooks (maybe pros too).

again, i personally have been waiting (almost holding my breath) for the new macbooks. i expected (like many) that this summer would be the release or early fall (in time for back to school) but alas – nothing!

nvidia is said to be showing off the new macbooks with their graphic cards installed. this would be a welcomed addition to the macbook since it is a “downside” that all the graphic processing comes from the main board and does limit some things. for many macbook users (myself included) – graphics are secondary on the macbook – it is a machine for word processing, email, web – all things it does very quickly and very well.

the graphics benefits would be welcomed though. more to come in the next week (a week from tomorrow actually). HOPE – HOPE – HOPE… i’m a-itchin’

Apple has announced an event on the 14th 10am PT! “The spotlight turns to notebooks.”

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