Mozy concerns

Last night my MacBook started acting up. I rebooted and nothing. Flashing folder (see this stuff even happens to me). I did some testing, attempted to boot from a CD, nothing.

Turned it off last night and figured maybe a “rest” would help and then went to the new iMac to see what I could do with dropbox and mozy.
I have my data backed up with mozy mid-day Sunday and I know time machine at the office is in place but I wanted to try and submit a check for some payment.

I could not recover from mozy (urg). The rule of backup is it is only as good as it’s recovery. So far nothing. Client failed, web-version failed and did not test yet this morning.
More to come once I get to the office and see why my next recovery steps are.

Following some rebuild of the MacBook, I did some checking and found that Mozy (at least web-based) was responding to my recovery requests and I was able to recover some files (safari bookmarks for one). Also Time Machine came to the rescue by just giving me the easiest method of finding and recovering data (1password files and studiometry data files). Yeah for backup (in multiple places with multiple results)!


2 responses to “Mozy concerns”

  1. Freddy says :

    Just wondering what the Mozy issues were with recovery? I would be happy to help resolve some issues. Which version of Mozy are you running? If you could send me some detailed steps on what you tried that would be most informative and we could help work through any issues. Sounds like you got some bookmarks restored. Did you back up anything else?
    Thanks – Freddy

  2. sadamson says :

    The day following the issue I was able to login and recover some data (via the web interface). Now that the machine is rebuilt and running – i have reinstalled and restarted the mozy backup (along with time machine).
    I was running the latest version ( on a macbook running 10.5.4 (now 10.5.5). Backups never gave me errors or incomplete but this restore aspect (and delays in accessing and recovering data) concerned me… if i did not have data somewhere else – i do not know what i would have done.

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