new macs in october…

a few days following the event in CA on the 9th of September, information (read “rumors”) about an announcement for laptops is expected in october. the date expected is October 14 and the new laptops will most likely be a macbook update and a macbook pro upgrade.

as i have said before – this is what i am waiting for. i’m not buying a new ipod in the coming months so the iPod announcement, however interesting is squished by the fact i have been personally waiting for the new macbooks and nothing!

it looks like the macbooks will be announced in the fall and hit hard for the holiday season and new year! silver lining is all the items i am looking for (larger hard drives and memory) will continue to drop in price (or increase in size) as time passes.

hear anything, know anything – share…


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One response to “new macs in october…”

  1. Jeff says :

    Thanks. I was looking for the dates on the new laptops. I’ll make my decision on moving to the dark side once I see what the new laptops offer.

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