spore for the iPhone

after much talk and anticipation, spore was released for the PC, Mac and iPhone (there was already a version for the iPod).

all three versions were expected to be available from EA on the same day (Sept 7). The box copies were in the store (you do not know how many people tweeted, “installing spore”), but the iTunes App store had nothing (until around 3p EST). TUAW, posted it and i downloaded it.

I had seen the demo, I really like sim games (and there is a sim coming to the iPhone from EA too “soon”) but never played Spore.

When I had the chance, I started it up on my iPhone. Nice, very nice! Graphic are good, controls will take some getting used to, but a fun game and at around level 8 (I was playing on the train on the way home) I hit a wall and I’m still there. I need to make some changes and see if I can pass this level.

As of 7am EST it still is not displayed prominently on the iTunes home page (which is weird) but Apple also has something else going on (iTunes 8 this afternoon – maybe).

Anyone else playing Spore on the Mac/PC or iPhone? This is a neat idea…


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