Apple event on tuesday 09-09-08 to include iTunes 8 and iPhone 2.1

after a couple of weeks of rumors and speculation about this event coming on tuesday – i’m very excited about itunes 8 and the updated iPhone software…

i have also been waiting for the new macbooks. latest “news” has been that a couple of new iPods will be introduced, prices will drop and the software will be updated, but the macs (laptops or desktops) will be left out of the announcement… Urg

for the first time in my life i am on the edge of buying a new computer (macbook) and they just are not coming. generally they would be out for school season (which we are in the throws of), now the next thought would be holidays – but they try to get this all together so they do not appear on december 1 (i hope).

more to come tuesday! stay tuned.

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