Bad iPhone apps

My last post, I outlined tap tap tap and their beautiful and thoughtful apps for the Apple App Store.

Now there are some bigger operations out there that have jumped on the bandwagon wit the App Store – One is linked-in. Now I have used Linked-in for years. I really like it and when I saw one app on the iTunes store – I jumped on it. Downloaded and gave it a shot.

I logged into the App, it pulled my data and through the simple Linked-in interface I could see status updates etc. This works just as I would like. The issue is the next sentence…

I shut the app down and a day later launched it again – it asked me to login (email address and password) AGAIN! I thought – oh bug so i restarted the phone, tried another app and relaunched Linked-in – Username and Password please…

EVERYTIME I want to use the app I need to login (am I the only one?) This SHOULD be a simple fix. It does not need to be the most beautiful app – it does need to make me want to use it.

I deleted it this morning and I’ll wait for an update… Urg, come on! People can make wonderful, beautiful apps and you guys cannot hold my login info somewhere…


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