ATT encouraging iPhone users to update

In an effort to have people have the best experience possible, ATT has started sending text messages (via to iPhone users to encourage them to update their phones to 2.0.2 (vis iTunes) to get the best possible 3G use.

Many have reported that following this update they are seeing fewer “no signal” or flipping between EDGE and 3G on their phone. Check out this article from NYTimes.

I’m still using the 1gen (EDGE) version but personally i have had a few strange network issues (which have been resolved by manually rebooting the iPhone).

As always, Apple is diligent about their software updates and if they have one for a system you are using/running – i would highly recommend downloading and installing.

This is the beginning of a unique relationship with Apple and ATT since the iPhone is a huge draw and demand but has been creating some bad press for Apple (which is almost unheard of). That being said – the question also arises – is it an Apple (hardware or software) issue, or ATT (network) problem.

I’m guessing it is a combo of all three. I believe Apple will continue to tweak the phone’s software through the fall and by the holidays have a solid phone… Thoughts?


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