iTouch/iPhone for the Class of '12

In a changing world, the iTouch and iPhone have dug their nails into the college dorms around the nation (from the NYTimes). A couple of years ago I worked at a college in Greensboro, NC and we saw the iPod become something that EVERY kid had. Some professors were excited by this and tailored their coursework around the technology (Welcome iTunes U).

The other thing EVERY college kid had was a cell phone. No more did students contact ATT to get a dorm phone connected. Their cell phone was their connection home, to friends and a classmate down the hall.

With Apple and ATT they have a solution that works for both of them. I’m sure many kids have 1+ iPods (for the gym or the car) and now they can combine their technologies into a phone, iPod and web access to a growing 100% wireless campus.

It’s the wave of the future baby – imagine what my boys will have when they get to college in 13 years!


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