Jott is out of beta!

Jott, the online “note taker” is out of beta! My wife and I have been using Jott for over a year now and LOVE IT!

Dial a 800 number (after you have set your phone up in the system) and leave a short (15-30 second) message about anything (don’t forget the dry cleaning, pick up a gallon of milk, time to take over the world) and the system sends it to you or a contact in your list.

Come home and there will be a few emails (one for each Jott you left) in your inbox transcribed (as best as it can with the sounds of siren’s and/or screaming children in the background) the content of your message!

Now work on through the list. We have found it invaluable. Actually the kids got into copying my wife saying “call jott, (who do you want to jott),.. myself (insert message here)”

Head on over – try out the free, ad-supported version and see how it changes your life!


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