netflix oops!

netflix is confirming today that something has messed with their shipping system (which generally is AWESOME!) and caused a couple of days to pass without a majority of the distribution centers to get out the dvds to the customers.

netflix is one of those companies that i love, but cannot bring myself to pay for. depending on the day, i watch 2-3 hours of tv, mix in laptop time, maybe some time on the xbox 360 (Call of Duty 4 – by the way) and squeeze in a movie? na…

i do think about the idea of having something like netflix for my iPhone where i could have a monthly subscription, download 1-2 movies at a time and then watch them while commuting, delete it and get the next one – come on Apple/netflix, let’s do it!

does this further the cause of non-physical delivery? i would have to say “yep!” but it is a limiting factor… thoughts?


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