The health of the real Steve Jobs

Over the last months (really since the Apple developers conference) there has been talk and concern about the health of Steve Jobs.
A number of years ago cancer crept into his life, but all reports said he beat it (as you would expect Steve to do to something like cancer) but a thin face at WWDC got the press buzzing.
“who could replace Steve?”, “is he sick again?”. Apple quickly responded that Steve did have a bug but was in good health otherwise. I tend to believe them. Here is a report from Business Week.
That bring said, the market has been closly watching apple and Steve. Earning reports for 3Q08 were good the other night and apple has crept into #3 for PC market. Why is the stock down?
Time will tell, but I’m hoping Steve is around for another few amazing years at the helm of Apple (and Pixar) and can gracefully hand off to someone with the same cult-like following and energy he has provided.


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One response to “The health of the real Steve Jobs”

  1. Aaron says :

    Steve has done an amazing job and I certainly hope he can continue to lead the companies. The non-answer in the call last night didn’t help investors worries!

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