mobile me coming tomorrow (wednesday)

starting tomorrow (07-09-08) around 6pm PT, Apple will begin the transition from .Mac to MobileMe.
this change will make a number of things better and change a number of things for those who are using .Mac for day-to-day.

key items of change will be for those who have iPhones/iTouch starting with the v2.0 of the software, mac mail, contacts and calendars will flow to and from your mac/windows machine or iphone “effortlessly”.

i’m excited to see what this will all bring – but i also know that i will not be focusing on this out of the gate – i want my microsoft exchange support 🙂

thursday morning i’ll be checking to see what has happened while i slept. there is also expected to be a iTunes 7.7 update coming this week (to prep for the iPhone update) and MAYBE a system update for the macs to change the verbage on the system preferences from .Mac to MobileMe. We shall see…

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