i'm back

so it has been a while, hasn’t it…

i’m working on a number of things and sleep should be moving up in priority. things are going well at home – work is actually a bit overwhelming and really i need to keep stepping up in so many ways and so many places.

i’m really thinking about what it means to lead (i frequently kid about being the follower – but this is a lot of truth in this). i do a lot of thinking out loud – i don’t trust myself and look for “backup” from others and really at the end of the day – what i have been thinking of doing is what should be done so why not skip the middle man…

the day job is testing me in a number of ways:
sticking to my guns
providing reasonable intelligence as to “why”
making “executive decisions”
dealing with the praise and pain that comes with making decisions

more to come since there is a lot more to do…


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