Verizon – OH MY GOSH!

So I have really liked what Verizon is providing in their FIOS service (TV is great, phone is, well a phone, and internet is FAST!). CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!

After making their analog to digital switch about a week ago (only 8 months before the FCC requires it), our TIVO stopped working (we were using analog broadcast after all) but it was perfect for recording Lost, “So you think you can dance”, or the kids PBS Shows… all gone. now we get hours of red screen with text telling us to “go-digital…”

I bit the bullet (the story behind why I waited so long to upgrade the Tivo is another LONG story and I’m tired) and bought the new TIVO HD (with the cable card slots) so we can skip the cable box and record the 100’s of channels right into the TIVO in all the digital glory (and HD in some cases).

I got the box today. Came home tonight to get the new TIVO set up and running and get the cable cards fired up – what did i get?

2 (count ’em – 2) westell 802.11g pcmcia wifi cards! HUH? Come on, how many times… I explained to the sales/customer service person i spoke with about what i wanted (2 single stream, or 1 multi stream cable cards for my TiVO HD). She understood (or so i thought). I asked her about them. I asked if they had multicards to record more than one show at a time – she said no…

Thoughts, experiences, why me…

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