roku for netflix

roku released a $100 streaming device for netflix on tuesday. the device is designed to work with your netflix subscription and any “instantly available” films can be streamed to/through the device to your tv.

netflix has an instant solution that works with the dvds you get in the mail (the number of movies is fewer and generally not new releases), but a good option if you cannot wait a day or two for a movie to appear in the mail.

this will compete with your cable’s on-demand service since it does not store the movie and you already have the solution with the 3-at a time plan ($17/month). so a good option. that being said everyone is comparing with the appletv which can pull movies from iTunes (at a per-movie rental charge) – but since the roku does not have a drive, the movie is not stored and will not require the same drm to assure you do not watch the movie tons of time or past the 24-hour limit.

this is where apple NEEDS to come to an agreement with the movie studios to provide some kind of subscription model to not end up spending money the way you would “in the old days” of walking into blockbuster, picking up a movie and spending $3-4 on the rental… we shall see.

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