iMac WOW!

following a few days of setup and initial use of the new iMac (2.4ghz “late 2007”) we have been very excited what we have seen.

we moved almost 30gb of music, 20gb of pictures and movies, 10+ gb of project data, email and day-to-day stuff and it has been working VERY well. i tried to clean install everything (firefox, 1password, cyberduck, ilife) and not carry too much baggage from the old machine over. so far it is good.

moving the data proved to be a bit of a trick, but after some thinking (we do not have a very big firewire drive, the usb2 drive i have – the powermac does not have usb2 [slow] and networked – the wireless [802.11b]) also proved to be too slow to move 50+gb of data. i directly connected the two macs with an ethernet cable and statically set the ip to and 101 and connected. with this setup i was moving 1-2GB a minute (VERY reasonable).

i updated the standard 1gb to 4gb (the max) with some memory from other world computing. the machine is almost silent (actually i may say it IS silent). we have had a few instances of the machine just stopping. screen goes black and completely shuts down. no warning, no error, no error on reboot – just black. since the machine is so quiet my wife and i have sat a couple of times pressing the keyboard believing that the machine went to sleep.

trying to figure this out. we have an old USB1 hub connected to the machine – that could be part of it, the memory may be faulty, the machine COULD be a problem – but we will find out more this week as we troubleshoot.

like i said, a few hiccups and slowly the ole G4 will be turned on less and less until it disappears into the basement.

thoughts, let us know…

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