with gas at $4, mass transit is the way to go!

in this article from the NYTimes, more and more people are relying on mass transit to get around.

why does it take $4 gas to do this? generally, the mass transit systems (especially in the larger cities like NY, MA, CA) are good (it would take a lot to say great), but i take a train every morning from Maplewood NJ to Penn Station NYC. If i have to get around in the city – Subway. it works, again is quick and with tools like hopstop.com it makes it even easier.

one question i do have is the promo chrysler is doing with the $2.99 gas for 3 years (with a lot of small print). is this helping or hurting. people are buying smaller cars – will this cause SOME people to stick with the SUV’s since they get “cheap” gas? i don’t like the thought process… we’re americans after all.


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