macbook repair

so the macbook i use here at the office has a crack on the top of the case where you rest your wrist. not making the machine work poorly, not causing crashing – mostly aesthetic. that being said i wanted to fix it before it broke off completely.

i called applecare (because in my experience in working at the SoHo store Genus’ did not do laptop repairs in the store). they took all the info and i have been buying applecare on all machines (especially after working for apple because i saw what could happen and what apple did to maintain the lifespan of a machine).

the person on the phone was helpful and surprisingly quick. a box would be sent to the office next day and apple would have the laptop for about 7 days (in my experience return usually happens in about 3-4 business days – amazing!)

i happened to have a email conversation with a friend who is a genius at 5th avenue and she said they did do work in the store and i MAY be able to get it in and back the same day – so i brought it into the store around 10:30a and gave her the info. the genius looked at it, looked up the case and then checked to see the workload. she stated i should have it back by the end of the day.

i left very excited at this advance. i checked the repair online and found around 3p the repair was complete! since i checked online i did not wait for a call (which i never got – but that is ok since i knew what was happening). i went back at 4p and after a short wait someone took my paperwork, retrieved the laptop from the back, started up the machine and showed that they replaced the keyboard AND the top case (ooh – shiny!). like butter i tell you!

apple ROCKS! i have been using macs (and owning them for about 20 years) and of course had issues here or there, but the things RUN. no fuss, no muss.

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