a new catagory

so i’m a geek… i like technology and it is what keeps me thinking about “stuff” at night, that being said, i run! silence, oxymoron (or just moron)…

over the last 5 years i have had fits and starts, but more steady running than i would have given myself credit for. i have run 5k, 10k and an ad-hoc 1/2 marathon with a friend (who was running the full thing). i have run 10+ miles at a time and “like” it. most of all, for me – it is a real good workout and i feel like i do not get these kind of results from any other exercise.

i have signed up for the NYC Nike 1/2 marathon (which is a lottery and will be interested to see if i get in during the next couple of weeks – i hope). I have been working with a Nike training schedule to achieve a sub-2 hour run (hopefully closer to 1:50). This week i ran 26 miles (7 mi monday, 3 mi tuesday, 7 mi wednesday, 9 mi friday) and it actually feels good.

i’m really feeling like my body is burning “stuff” day and night right now – which is great. i found a couple of years ago when i was running that i hit a wall with the 3 mile runs and upped to 5 miles. after a week or two i plateaued and did not really see or feel changes until i hit 7 miles.

with runs between 7 and 10 miles over the next couple of weeks i feel like i’ll be in real good shape to prepare for steady 9 minute mile (getting me in JUST under 2 hours). a friend here at redeemer shared a friends’ blog with me (who ran the boston marathon in under 3 hours!). it is very interesting how runners think and work together. it is a sport i enjoy (hard, but enjoyable).

i’m also looking for fuel for the middle of a race. i’ve used gu, not the best tasting stuff – but boy does it work! anyone else have any suggestions about mid-run fuel?

i hope you do not mind the tangent every once in a while from tech to talk running… if so, let me know and i’ll take my communication elsewhere.


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