.mac email becoming push with iPhone 2.0?

apple’s .mac software/email etc has been there, but not doing too much for the last year(s). urg. that being said, there is a report that .mac email would be available as push for the next version of the iPhone (2.0) coming this summer (juneish).

this would be a nice kick for apple’s email (especially if others, namely gmail or yahoo) did not provide push email. as much as the 15 or so minutes that pass between emails does not bother me – i do notice it. i’ll also be setting it up with exchange at the office so if i can have the iPhone beeping and buzzing all the time, that would be great 🙂

UPDATE: a rumor is now circulating that .Mac may “relaunch” with the iPhone 2.0 software. this would be an interesting idea… i would like to see .Mac take another step. it is apple’s step-child. with people like google, yahoo and aol throwing around huge free email solutions and storage, .Mac seems a bit antiquated.


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