att wireless appearing more and more

people are now reporting that their iphones are picking up wireless in barns and nobles, starbucks and other locations around the country that are displaying att wifi screens requesting a phone number and then unlimited wifi access on the iphone… this is a rollout that att is expected to be working on for quite a while (there are a lot of hotspots around that need to be converted).

anyone seeing this where they are (specifically in nyc)? let us know…

UPDATE: as of wednesday 05-08-08, ATT officially stated that wifi was available for att customers (then it disappeared again). urg.


UPDATE 05-12-08:

Last night i was in Hoboken and at starbucks and see if they had 1) converted to att and 2) if i could get online with my iPhone. well, the “downtown” starbucks HAS moved to att, but no options for getting online for free with the iPhone. sounds like some stores have been doing the transition and keeping the “free online” under wraps. i had a nice cup ‘o joe while working on my macbook with the verizon card…


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