google apps

google apps is a wonderful thought, a wonderful tool and an amazing “value”, but what does this mean for the IT and small business person.

i have been thinking a lot about this for personal/professional use as well as use in my “day job” and i really like what it can provide, the concern revolves around the end user. i’m feeling more and more comfortable with what google does with my data and less about what someone that i work with forgets to mark “private”.

gmail is a no-brainer. i watch my email server daily to see if there is enough storage space and give people instruction about how to access email when out of the office. imagine an interface 75% of the people are already familiar with…

calendaring is powerful, docs is great (and now provides offline access) and with these tools an IT guys jobs becomes easy – UNTIL… one day google has an “issue” and their systems are down. our office has an “issue” and the internet is down, someone shares something they shouldn’t and it becomes an “issue”. gads!

once the data leaves these walls – i cannot secure it, i cannot protect it and i cannot monitor it. it becomes free-range and ultimately the responsibility of the person who put it there… now the $1M question – does the end user realize that? how do we share that info, how do we train and educate people and how do we operate to protect the user, the data and the organization.



2 responses to “google apps”

  1. Stephen Lexicon says :

    Dear Sir, I am new to google apps, I have a lot of document files, can you help me understand how I can use the docs on my sites (presume this is the best way forward) or do I use the web side. reason I want this is to only allow certain documents for certain people. Hope you understand this. Thanks Stephen Lexicon

  2. Scott says :

    Thanks for the note.
    I have been using docs as a storage and some sharing of documents for a while. I find the best solutions are to upload your document and then decide who you want to share this file with, how you would like to interact with it (e.g. make changes or just view it) and on a deeper level if people you invite can invite others (which could get hairy).
    The GREAT part about google apps/docs is that it is free. You can look at it and play with it all at no cost to you! See if it works for you and then decide if there may be a “better” solution.
    For me, it is a great tool, storage and access to files that I may not have direct access to otherwise.

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