1Password updated to 2.6

one program i have (like many) totally LOVED is 1Password. i have been using the version from machesit a bit ago and have been liking it a lot (without fully understanding the potential). recently i was reading someone elses take on 1password (charles klein) and (in a bit of illustrative license) describes how 1password was changing his life…

i have found recently that i do a lot of the same things. similar or the same passwords, about 8 characters and let it go at that. 1password gives the flexibility to change this habit. generate a strong password with 1password and then paste it into the password field. save it and now 1password knows what that insane password may be – and you never do.

set your password for 1password to something you can recall and is tough, but do not perpetuate the eternal same password for all the sites you visit. i’m actually going back to a lot of the sites i visit frequently (especially sensitive ones) and changing the passwords using this process. i’ll sleep better tonight.

for about $35 you can get this GREAT tool!


One response to “1Password updated to 2.6”

  1. David A Teare says :

    It is great to hear you love 1Password as much as we do 🙂


    –Dave Teare
    Co-author of 1Password

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