Time Machine in real life

Last week I did what a lot of people may do (and had to figure out how to get back from this). I opened a Word file, edited it and hoped to “save as…” the file. The fingers did the quick Apple-S and suddenly I overwrote the file I needed…

I went through Mozy and suddenly realized I had not selected that folder for backup. URG. I did have a PDF i had sent to a client and was able to get the sent message and then recover that – but that is not the editable word file…

What to do? I went into the office Monday, plugged in and recalled Time Machine! I activated it, opened the folder i was looking for and then “backed up” to friday during the last backup.

I selected the file and “restored”. It took about 10 seconds, Time Machine faded into the desktop and there in the folder is the file i overwrote!

Worked seamlessly, quickly and smoothly. Exactly what backup needs to be. If you are a leopard user and have an “extra” drive – plug it in and use it as a time machine volume… Someday you will not regret it!


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