the eternal mac cost vs. windows pc

so in thinking about a personal laptop, my wife and i (see previous post) spoke of a “cheap” pc vs. an expensive mac (even a macbook for about $1500).

the next day i happened to get a $699 “instant rebate” from Dell for the XPS 1330 series laptop. a high-end consumer laptop. the “retail price of this machine is close to $2000! subtract $700 and start with about $1250 (cheaper – right…).

about 0.25lbs lighter, 3gb or RAM and a 200gb HD – we’re rocking… oh wait, no DL DVD Drive (not an option) – 2.4ghz (vs stock 2ghz) – VISTA HOME “PREMIUM” (urg) – the usual “crap ware”…

DELL: $1400… now we’re talking about ~$100 less than the mac (even though we are not working “apples to apples”). not tough to swallow. the mac comes with leopard (10.5.x) and iLife ’08 – pictures, video, music – out of the box – “no cost”.

now the tipping point for me. i would love to buy a new computer every year. the reality of things is that i buy a new mac (PC) every 4-6 years. knowing myself, knowing PCs and experiencing Vista, i would be spending my time weekly (at least monthly) updating the machine, hopefully not rebuilding it and clearing spyware and malware off the machine. i MAY get 3 years out of this laptop… is this a better purchase.

when i think of a mac i think of something i sit down, use for 30 minutes, 8 hours, reboot every week or so and update when apple has something for me (about 2x a month). i do not run AV or anti-spyware, i just get my work done! isn’t that worth $100…


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