david pogue (NYTimes) discusses people just like me :)

in reading todays circuits, i had to laugh out loud.

i have been thinking about a macbook vs. macbook air. this would be my primary machine, but i have access to 2+ additional machines at my disposal daily so the biggest thing would be SO MUCH LIGHTER.

i would be spending an additional $800+ for less “stuff” (smaller drive, less RAM, and slower processor). this is what i have been trying to sell my wife on:

I had a weird experience, too. After having used Apple’s loaner review unit for a couple of weeks, I reached over to pick up my existing Mac laptop, the five-pound MacBook. After the Air, it felt like a piece of Soviet Army field equipment. When I tried to pick it up one-handed, I thought I’d break my wrist.

still coming down to the wallet though. the macbook i would work with is the white 2.4 with 4gb of ram (from crucial/other world computing) and MAYBE a larger internal drive (250gb?)… still not ready to plunk down the $1500-2000…

opinions, thoughts?


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