UK currency for 2008

i ran across this on the web today… the royal mint has new coins for the new year. the funny part was they mentioned that these coins were created by a 26 year-old designer who had never designed currency before.

now in the US we have a bunch of long-standing silly things (like the US treasury which is going on 150 years of history) and to combat counterfeiting, the new $5 bill looks like this

advances, improvements, but not “pretty” or ground-breaking.

when i was last in the UK about a year ago i could not really understand why they used coins for certain currency (e.g. greater than £1) – but everyone that uses it for a few months+ find out that they love it! they can find a £1, £5 piece in their pocket without digging through a wallet with paper bills like we have here in the states…

come on, let’s make it look great and make the changes…

another side note is the US penny costs 1.7 cents to make (hum)

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